Thursday, October 21, 2010


I just wanted to let you know that all went well with the production of our film and we handed in on our deadline, 18th of June, 2010. The sound is currently in it's final phase of design and the film will premiere in Fotorama, Viborg, Denmark the 28th January, 2011. Until then we can't show anything, but afterward it should be made available online.

Take a look a the blog if you feel enticed, but be warned that it's a little messy.

Bo Mathorne.


  1. It looks awesome! looking forward for the end result! Great job guys

  2. F****** great short. -I loved it, and seing it at the Fotorama was absolutely awesome! :D

    When is it comming online...?
    I can't wait to see it again, and show people this epic piece of movie :)

  3. just want to say,

    what you guys have made with the backwater gospel vid is fucking awesome.

    down in the south, in the smaller towns, thats the way it is, rather scary and disturbing...and depending on what circle you roll in, its the same in the bigger towns as well.

    seriously, dont drink 'the water."


  4. Hey guys! I am peruvian (my english is bad but the art is universal so I just wanna say: Your short is awesomeeee..I loved it!! :D

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