Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Final Film

Hi everyone, the final film can be found right HERE


  1. Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. :)

    You guys are going places.

  2. Your film is inspiring. Best animated short i've seen in a long time. I love everything about it, your style is so original it's amazing! I was wondering if you would consider posting some wireframe renders of your characters, especially the tramp? That would be great to take a look at, I already watched the making of - the facial rig for the tramp is just wow.

  3. This is so good im jealous not to be part of it :P
    You guys achieved something great with the art style and the ambience of your short. The making of on vimeo is also inspiring, we can't find enought of good making of. And I have to agree with Coopa, the rig look awsome, I wish I could try it ;P


  4. Absolutely amazing work.

    Apart from the fact that the story is exceedingly well put together and told, as well as the fact that the music is I think perfect - the visual design is stunning!

    The way it flows, the colours, the textures - the way you have elected to render the characters.. I cant say too much or I'll get carried away, I will simply leave you with this:

    Im an avid animation fan among other things and have written more then a few stories myself - but this short little film was more intense and memorable than easily 90% of the animated anything Ive seen in quite a while. Remarkable work, keep at it guys - hope to see much more of your work down the line.


  5. Breathtaking, just breathtaking !! Amazing visual style, soundtrack, story, atmosphere.
    I feature you today on Art-Spire :

  6. Super-excellent!! Really love the textures and sounds. By the way can't say nothing about asymmetric characters. like it all as hell.

  7. I don't understand this film. Besides being greatly upsetting and possibly blasphemous, there seems no real sense to the gore fest at the climax of the story.

    Though a man died from stoning in the film, I don't understand what was so villanious, otherwise, about the pastor. People aren't just stoned for no reason, after all. Was the singer a bad apple in the sense that he was a devilish being whose appearence meant the Undertaker was coming?

    The pastor tried to kill the Undertaker to save the city, that much is clear. -but what, exactly, did the singer do to be stoned? How did they reason they were without sin?

    My guess was that he was the Undertaker's herald. Given that he spent the entire movie warning of the Undertaker and laughing at death, that would seem the most logical.

    What I still don't get is the zombies. Where did they come from? Why did they attack the crowd? Where did the crowd go?

    Why did they blame the pastor, whose last act was to attempt to save the city from the Undertaker's feast of death? Why did the pastor's loyal bodyguard try to kill his friend?

    Given that the singer's destruction immediately summoned the Undertaker, my guess is that this happened:

    1. The Pastor noticed something amiss with the singer. His existence, much like the ravens and crows that showed up, means the Undertaker is coming immediately.

    2.The singer's shouts into the church hall that the Undertaker was coming stirfred panic and fear in everyone, especially the pator.

    3. Believing the words of the singer, the pastor thought that the singer was corrupting his down because he was the Undertaker's herald.

    4. In a zealous fury, the pastor commanded the entire city to take out the singer beforer his master could arrive.

    5. Killing the singer failed to stop the Undertaker.

    6. The Undertaker summoned the hordes of zombies and killed most everyone.

    7. The surviving few panicked, thinking the pastor had accidently summoned the Undertaker by killing his herald. They turn on him.

    8. The pastor, in a desparate move to save his town and his flock, tries to slay the Undertaker, but his closest friend, the bodyguard, tries to kill the pastor to save his own life.

    9. The pastor is crushed by the bodyguard after defending himself from the bodyguard, and is unable to kill the Undertaker.


    1. The singer was not a herald.

    2. The pastor and the crowd killed him, thinking he was a herald.

    3. Unknowingly, the pastor and the crowd committed murder.

    4. The murder summoned the Undertaker.

    5. Everyone thought the pastor had summoned the Undertaker.

  8. Great !!... Sound and texture both are amazing!!

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